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Tilde Grynnerup, 1973. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Educated in textile design and specialized in embroidery. Tilde Grynnerup is a multidisciplinary artist working across different medias such as textile, wood, installation, conceptual, photography, and film. She choose whichever media expresses her vision the best, and work without limitations. Tilde, likes to explore. As Meret Oppenheim said “Nobody will give you freedom. You have to take it”. 
Having spent a decade writing songs, and another decade working with fashion, she creates works of art, combining words and textile. And having grown up with the inherited craftsmanship skills from her carpenter father, woodwork is like family. Tilde works with him in their joint wood workshop by a small forest, where her father lives retired.
The interaction between the countryside nature and the city, is her perfect balance. Just like the interaction between working with soft materials like textile and hard materials like brass and wood.
Driven by social indignation and a general curiosity about people and life, her artwork usually aim to communicate a thought or a feeling. Something true and profound.


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