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Francesca Giovanna Jacquier-Bozzo, nicknamed "Gio," comes from an Italian family of entrepreneurs and art collectors. From a young age, her grandmother introduced her to the arts and design, sparking a passion for these fields within her. This passion led her to pursue studies in Visual Communication at ECAL in Lausanne, specializing in photography and contemporary image creation.

She began her career in the creative sector of a major watch brand but made the bold decision to leave that position to fully dedicate herself to her love for art and teaching a few years ago. In January 2023, she achieved a significant milestone by presenting her creations to the public under the name "Gio Art Market," a nod to Andy Warhol's "Factory."

Influenced by various artistic movements, Francesca primarily draws inspiration from Pop art for the content of her works and her relationship with her surroundings. Regarding the form of her creations, she is currently guided by artistic movements such as Bauhaus and abstract art, while remaining open to other artistic explorations in the future. As a multidisciplinary artist specializing in color, she expresses her spontaneity through a variety of creations where color takes a central role. Her work is deeply rooted in her worldview and origins. In her pieces, Gio constantly strives to integrate powerful narratives while allowing the viewer to imagine their own emotional connection to the content through the intensity of colors and textures she employs.


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