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After several years of painting, drawing and sculpting live models, while leading a professional life in business, the desire to create enamelled pieces emerged.
The trigger? An encounter with a raku piece during a stay in Japan. Hélène then had the privilege of making her first pieces in two workshops in the heart of Paris, guided by exceptional ceramists who have accompanied her since 2009. After having worked in earthenware, her preference today is for sandstone, whose softness and robustness more than compensate for the stresses of cooking at high temperatures. The search for form and the infinite alliances of earth with oxides act as powerful stimulants, create, test, bake: the journey of an enameled piece is not only technical, it is also sensory. If asked about her inspiration, Hélène would say that her creations bear the imprint of the mineral beauty of her wind-sculpted Cycladic island.
The profits of Hélène's sculptures are entirely donated to the BLOOM association in support of its fight for the preservation of the oceans. Bloom works to create a lasting pact between man and the sea, in particular by putting an end to fishing methods that destroy fauna and flora.

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