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A multidisciplinary creator in design and visual arts, Clémentine Chambon evolves between art, crafts and industry. Originally from Nîmes, she graduated from the Boulle school in 2003 and from ENSCI where she was hosted for a six months residency about light and paper. She began her career within Marc Newson's agency, then became a partner in a creative office before founding her own studio in 2019. Since then, she has collaborated with prestigious furniture and decoration companies, while maintaining a personal artistic research that she exhibits with galleries or for special order projects. With a solid culture of decorative arts and a particular interest in colour and decor, she draws, traces and paints forms with a pronounced contemporary feel. Her approach is embodied in sustainable products, imbued with cheerfulness and poetry, which mark her singularity.

Clémentine Chambon_edited.jpg
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