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He set up a design studio, focusing mainly on the research and development of textiles and natural materials, which are then applied to various fields of art and design through objects and installations. 

Charles Antoine is a Swiss-Brazilian artist whose work is rooted in craft and natural materials. 

Textile structures, that he develops himself in his studio, often form the base of his projects across various mediums and disciplines. 

His desire to not constrain the material but rather let it lead the work, often results in untamed forms that feel playfully familiar yet slightly unconventional.   

This trust in the material usually reveals an intrinsic quality and raw beauty of the making process. 

“If you can understand - or even just feel - the human touch on an object, you can bond and appreciate it in a deeper way, I believe, because it relates to you and your humanity. Today, It is imperative to be able to reconnect with what is around you.” CAC.

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