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Cat Spilman

Cat Spilman is an American-born artist living and working in the UK. Her work addresses the themes of distance and separation, belonging, modern feminism and motherhood.


Spilman’s process is raw and cathartic. She explains that she never pre-plans her works, rather they are fluid and natural, pouring out of her onto the canvas. In creating the work, she has learnt about herself and her feelings, each work is a kind of self exploration; a self portrait.


Having come from a career as a Scenic Artist for film and television in her home city of New York, house paint was an natural choice of medium, having worked with it for years. The thick paint creates beautiful textures and depths to her work, the brushstrokes creating patterns within themselves. Spilman made the conscious decision to limit her colour palette, finding two tones which worked together well, and allowing the true focus of the work to be in the composition and energy.

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