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Carole Turini, French and Italian by origin, is a collage artist based in Nyon. With a background in art history and photography, she is fascinated by the world of images and illustrations. Carrying out analog collages, she abstains from any digital intervention, expressing a genuine passion for paper and books, defining herself as "passionately curious."

Inspired by surrealism with a minimalist touch, her cuttings are precise. She plays with different types and eras of paper, incorporating cabinet photographs, engravings, and vintage postcards. Occasionally, she adds thread or botanical elements. The compositions arise from both chance (really?) and dedicated research. In both cases, improbable yet evident associations emerge, giving life to a new reality, singular worlds, and often anthropomorphic beings. There is a desire for lightness tinged with poetic or humorous nuances, but deeper societal themes are also addressed.

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