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Alain Pittet lives and works in Switzerland. He has undertaken to revitalize old books by transforming them into unique sculptures. Using primarily books made from "rag paper," derived from old fabrics, he considers the wear and deterioration of these manuscripts as precious elements to be rehabilitated.

Devoured late by this passion, art allows Alain Pittet to capture in time the memory of a meeting, a thought, a story, or an emotion.

From this fixation was born his love for rag paper, for these old writings, witnesses of the passing time, bearing multiple stories. But while others stop at the ink, he is fascinated by its texture, its veins, its appearance.

Beyond the words, Alain Pittet has seen the material.

He has seen the flowers of the fields and the weaver's fabrics, he has seen cotton and linen clothing both the noble and the humble peasant, he has seen the ropes of boats worn by the wind, the sun, and the storms, and finally, he has seen the mill's pestle radically transform this material.

Yes, a book's page has lived through all of this.

Hidden between two neighbors, it has been looked at for only a few minutes. It spends its life patiently waiting for the deteriorations of time, humidity, and vermin to sublime it one last time.

Unless their paths cross...

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